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"ANIREP" Alpha Namibia Industries Renewable Energy Power Limited was formed and incorporated in Windhoek, Namibia, in 2018.
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ANIREP was established for the purpose of facilitating the investment of long-term capital in infrastructural renewable energy projects in Namibia and Sub-Sahara Africa.
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ANIREP, seeks to facilitate exposure to these investments in sustainable and renewable ethos in Southern Africa.

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ANIREP aims to be a diversified infrastructure investment company, and will directly invest in infrastructural renewable energy projects in a responsible and transparent manner. In doing so, the Company will provide investors with a predictable, inflation linked, and long-term yielding investments whilst providing investors with liquidity to further invest or exit their investments. The Company will focus on making investments in various infrastructure projects through equity and debt instruments that meet the required internal rate of return (IRR) and shareholders’ approvals. ANIREP will adhere to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment and the Code for Responsible Investing in Namibia.


The fund will be built as a CPC (Capital Pool Company), also known as SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) through private placement. These companies are shells or blank-check companies that are listed on stock exchange with the intention of acquiring a company with the proceeds from investors. Initially CPCs have no ongoing operation at the time of listing but once the company completes the acquisition of a Viable Asset it will no longer be considered as a SPAC/CPC and continues to operate as a listed company.


Power plants are usually sited far from residential areas by the IPPs and utilities such as NamPower. Power generation entails land acquisition; human resources and specialised skills needed to support the growing energy infrastructure and technology development in the infrastructural renewable energy projects.


The power generated in a power station by the IPPs and Utilities such as NamPower in Namibia, is to be transported over a long distance to distribution load centers managed by NamPower. Construction of new or upgrading of transmission lines (to increase reliance and reduce power losses) and associated substations is essential to meet the goal of increasing local production to 755MW by 2022 (as envisaged in NDP5). Utilizing the Public Private Partnership; opportunity in developing an on-grid and an off- grid transmission infrastructure offers Viable Assets to exploit.


The distribution of power from NamPower and REDs to different directions of the urban, peri-urban and rural areas can be done either by overhead lines or by underground cables. Opportunities are abound in working alongside utilities such as REDs, municipals, NamPower, and others, in a Public Private Partnership, in unlocking values in distribution space.


There is a vast opportunity in providing storage for Solar Projects to extend the Solar plants life. In addition, recently approved Net Metering process allows residential and commercial customers who generate electricity from solar power to ‘bank’ or ‘store’, or feed-in their electricity in times of overproduction in the distribution grid, and to balance out their grid consumption with the banked, fed-in, or stored electricity during times when their systems are not producing, thus netting their consumption from the grid with their own production.

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The founders have appointed RE Managers Joint Venture as a Manager to outsource the identification and assessment of Viable Assets. The Manager has extensive expertise and knowledge in managing EPC and O&M contracts in the infrastructural renewable energy projects sector. 


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