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Why Invest in ANIREP?

ANIREP aims to be a diversified infrastructure investment company, and will directly invest in infrastructural renewable energy projects in a responsible and transparent manner. In doing so, the Company will provide investors with a predictable, inflation linked, and long-term yielding investments whilst providing investors with liquidity to further invest or exit their investments. 

Frequently Asked Shareholder Questions

Find answers to your questions about shareholding, trading, how to change your details, how dematerialization works and much more. We also explain what responsible shareholding means and provide a glossary of terms.

Shares held in your own name in a CSDP
Shares held in other CSDP’s
Shares held by means of share certificates
ANIREP has appointed Computershare as their transfer secretary for the NSX stock exchange. This means that Computershare is the official keeper of the registers of ANIREP shareholders and has a dealing service for trading in the shares.
You can buy Sanlam shares on three stock exchanges:

The Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX) with share code SLA
All purchases of ANIREP shares will result in you holding them in dematerialized format.
Once your shares are dematerialised, you can dispose of them of through any appropriate channel described below. You may still be able to sell certificated shares privately (change of ownership) or transfer them (without change in beneficial ownership).
In the event of such a transfer, a written request must be forwarded to Computershare with the required additional information and/or documentation. If any of the parties is a registered stockbroker or CSDP, this information/these documents will not be required for the stockbroker or CSDP.
Should ANIREP declare a dividend after the financial year end, it will be announced with the full year results. The dividend record and payment dates are available in the dividend calendar and there is a dividend calculator to assist you in determining your dividend yield over time.

Still have you any questions and require more nformation?

For any inquiries relating to our services offered feel free to speak to us by calling us during business hours or send us an email.